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Identity Manager release notes 23.04.16

Release date: 2024-04-02


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Security fixes for some endpoint authentication methods.


A waiting mechanism has been added before the card encoding starts, to ensure that the card is ready to be encoded. This timeout can be configured. See Configure card printer timeout for more information.


When data is changed or created by Scheduled Jobs, it is now indicated by listing the role of the Scheduled Jobs as responsible for the change in the object history.


Idopte Server Side Middleware version updated to extend the timeout for entering PIN on pinpad readers. See Encoding using Idopte middleware in Identity Manager for more information.


Security updates for library h2, see Open source components in Identity Manager.


Security update of the jetty-http library.

Corrected bugs 

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When you had numbers as symbolic names and had different translations for them, the translations were displayed where the numbers should have been displayed, for example in the paging index below search results. This has been fixed.

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