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Risk-appropriate authentication with Digital access

Enable strong user authentication throughout the organization and customer base without the complexity of distributing hardware security tokens.

Smart ID Digital access management is a unique solution for organizations to empower their users with trusted authentication that is easy to use, easy to manage, cost-efficient and secure, and to enforce strong multi-factor authentication. For example, you can choose from several methods that do not require distributing and maintaining hardware security tokens, by using hardware that the end user already has, such as a mobile device or laptop. 

With the Digital access platform, you can select the most risk-appropriate authentication method for each application. For example, you can allow password-based authentication to access less sensitive applications, while requiring two-factor authentication to access highly sensitive data. When an already authenticated user requests access to a more sensitive application, you can apply step-up authentication, which requires the user to authenticate again with an additional credential. This is what the industry refers to as risk-appropriate authentication. 

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