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Use Mailhog for E-mail testing

This article is valid for Smart ID 21.04 and later.

Mailhog is a tool that can be used when testing sending emails with the Smart ID component Identity Manager.

Useful commands

Start mailhog

<SMARTIDHOME>/tools/mailhog/docker-compose up -d

Stop mailhog

<SMARTIDHOME>/tools/mailhog/docker-compose stop

Mailhog logs

<SMARTIDHOME>/tools/mailhog/docker-compose logs -f

Change mailhog ports

  1. Edit <SMARTIDHOME>/tools/mailhog/docker-compose.yml and change the ports to the left of the colons. You must restart the container to apply the changes.

    Change ports

          - 1025:1025 # smtp server
          - 8025:8025 # web ui
  2. Configure your Smart ID component with the following settings if mailhog is deployed to the same host as the component. If mailhog is deployed to another host, replace the SMTP host with the hostname/ip address, and make sure that the Smart ID host can access mailhog on port 1025.

    SMTP Host: mailhog
    SMTP Port: 1025
    Example for Identity Manager
    1. Log in to Identity Manager Operator.
    2. Go to the Admin page.
    3. Click Configure system properties.
    4. Click SMPT Settings.
    5. Enter port number 1025.
  3.  Access the web interface to see emails. Browse to the host where mailhog is deployed on port 8025.

    Access emails


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