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This article describes how to deregister devices, by sending an empty register request using the Nexus Push Service REST API. Deregistration of a single device can also be done by sending a unregister request, see Nexus Push Service API

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  • Installed Nexus Push Service, see here.

Step-by-step instruction

 Send empty register request to Nexus Push Service
  1. Send an empty register request, see code example:

    Example: Empty register request
    POST /inventory/device/register
     "deviceToken": "244E8AF32631DC666927D267DE2BE",
     "appIdentifier": "com.nexusgroup.personal",
     "platform": "APPLE",
     "buildType": "PROD"
 Check the register response
  1. Verify that the status code is 200. See example response for a successful registration:

    Example: register response
        "status": 200,