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To get you up and running, Nexus will configure the service for you, including the identity providers (IdP) and e-services you want to use.You can either implement the signing operations using the Federated Signing API or use Nexus' support service to simplify the implementation. 

Order Nexus GO Federated Signing

To order the service: 

  1. Contact Nexus to order the signing service. Provide Nexus with credentials (certificates and entityId) for the IdPs and e-services you want to use. Decide if you want to use the support service. 

    Nexus will review and approve the information, and then create a federation for you. You will get API documentation and optionally the Nexus support service. 
  2. If you don't use the support service, integrate the signing service into your e-services, using the Federated Signing API.

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