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As authorized signatory1 on a company, follow these steps to connect the company to ID06. Anyone who wants to register a company, appoint administrators or order cards must have an ID06 account.

In order to register yourself and your company and order ID06 cards for your employees, you must have Swedish Bank ID (e-ID). More information for those who do not have Swedish Bank ID will be available later.

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 Create an account in ID06
  1. Go to Nexus ID06 portal for registration of companies.
  2. Register as a user in ID06. Keep in mind that:
    1. It is important that you use your own personal identification number since you will later verify with Swedish Bank ID.
    2. Your first and last name must be the same as used in your eID.
    3. Your email address will be your username in ID06.
  3. When done, click Fortsätt (Continue).
  4. You will now receive a link sent to your email address for verification of your information. Click the link and confirm with your e-ID
  5. You can now continue to register the company.
 Register a company
  1. Go to Nexus ID06 portal for registration of companies and sign in with your account. 
  2. Enter the organization number of the company that you want to connect to ID06. Click Hämta företagsuppgifter (Get company information).
  3. Make sure the information is correct. Click Registrera företag (Register company).
  4. Fill in billing information. Click Fortsätt (Continue). If you are not the authorized signatory, you must now invite that person.
  5. The authorized signatory:
    1. receives an email with a link to the registration.
    2. clicks the link in the email.
    3. creates an account in ID06 (if not already done).
    4. reviews and approves the agreement.
    5. clicks Underteckna avtal (Sign agreement) and signs the agreement using his e-ID.

ID06 verifies the company information and verifies that it is the correct authorized signatory.

 Appoint administrators
  1. Go to Nexus ID06 service portal and log in with your ID06 account.
  2. Choose Användarhantering (User management) from the drop-down menu in the upper right corner.
  3. Add users with different permissions in the service portal.

    1. Administrator, with permission to:
      1. add and remove users
      2. assign permissions to users
      3. order cards for card holders.
    2. Användare (User), with permission to:
      1. order cards for card holders.
  4. The administrators and users will receive an email with a link to click on. They will then create an ID06 account and authenticate with Swedish Bank ID.
  5. Now, the designated administrators and users can go to the Nexus ID06 order portal and order ID06 cards for their employees (the cardholders)
 Order cards for the employees

As a card orderer at a company, follow these steps to order ID06 cards for your employees (your company must first be registered with ID06, see above):

  1. Order ID06 cards for your employees via Nexus ID06 order portal.
  2. Remember to have the social security number, correct spelling of name, photograph (see Photo guidelines for ID06 card), e-mail address and telephone number available for people to whom you should order cards.
  3. Follow the order flow step by step.
  4. Nexus will now review and approve the order, especially validate the photo.
  5. The cardholder will then receive an email or text message indicating that the order of the ID06 card must be approved. See ID06 for the cardholder. Only after the cardholder has approved the order will Nexus produce the card.
  6. The card will be sent to the selected address and the cardholder will receive instructions for activating the card and then the card can be used.

1Registration of companies may be done by a person other than the authorized signatory. However, the authorized signatory must approve the agreement that connects the company to ID06.