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Use cases

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 Use case: Enable or disable for virtual smart card

Standard workflow

1Registration officerIn PRIME Explorer: Browses for an active person and clicks Enable/Disable for virtual smartcard.-
2PRIMEGives the person the role Virtual smart card user so that the person from now on can do virtual smart card tasks in the User Self-Service Portal-

BPMN process


Technical reference

  • PcmProcEnableEmployeeForVSC
 Use case: Issue certificates to virtual smart card

Standard workflow

1Virtual smart card user

In User Self-Service Portal: Selects Provision certificates to virtual smartcard. Selects certificate types. If no certificate is selected, a virtual smart card without any certificates will be created.

Optionally also selects encryption certificates for recovery.

2Personal Desktop AppStarts and activates a smart card profile.-
3Virtual smart card user

In Personal Desktop App: Enters a PIN.


Personal Desktop App

Creates key pairs on the trusted platform module (TPM).

5CAIssues certificates. The certificate is stored in PRIME and on the TPM.
6Virtual smart card userIn Personal Desktop App: Confirms the new certificate.
7PRIMEDisplays the virtual smart card in Credentials tab in User Self-Service Portal.-

BPMN process


Technical reference

  • PcmProcProvisioningCertificateToVSC
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