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Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway is a software-based authentication and federation product used to enable secure access to digital services – no matter where those services or users are located.

The product supports many user-friendly two-factor authentication (2FA) methods and provides identity federation, enabling users to log on just once (Single-sign on) to reach all managed resources. Hybrid Access Gateway is interoperable with Nexus Personal, services for PKI cards and PKI mobile identity authentication. You can read more in the article Hybrid Access Gateway overview.

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Nexus is proud to announce the availability of Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway 5.13. Click here for release note.

Main new features in this release:

  • OpenID Connect is now supported by Hybrid Access Gateway
    The federation technology OpenID Connect can now be used as an authentication method in Nexus Hybrid Access Gateway. This means that Hybrid Access Gateway can be connected to external Identity Providers (IdPs) that support OpenID Connect, for example Google, Norwegian BankID and Verimi.
  • Added support for Oracle database
    The new version of Hybrid Access Gateway has support for Oracle database to be used as external database.

    Due to required changes on a database level a dialect must be added if using an external report database before upgrading to the new version. Without the dialect entry, the connection to the reporting database will fail unless the entry was entered and the administration service was restarted. For further information, see Change report database for Hybrid Access Gateway.

  • Direct integration of Nexus Personal Desktop
    Secure login is now even more convenient in Hybrid Access Gateway, with added smart card support via Nexus Personal Desktop, which is useful, for example, to make digital signatures in Nexus GO Signing.

  • Improved hardening of appliance
    With Hybrid Access Gateway 5.13 the hardening index of the appliance was improved to be even more secure. The overall hardening score (based on Lynis) was increased to 74.

    To improve the hardening index of Hybrid Access Gateway, an SSH configuration parameter (MaxAuthTries) was introduced with Hybrid Access Gateway version 5.13.0. This configuration parameter limits the maximal authentication attempts to the amount of two. This change can affect the SSH authentication, if the client has more than one private key configured that is not configured for the corresponding user in Hybrid Access Gateway. In this case, an authentication with username and password will fail. If this setting affects you, you can increase the amount of authentication attempts.

    To increase the amount of authentication attempts:

    1. Change the parameter 
      MaxAuthTries within the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config to a suitable number.

    In case of Hybrid Access Gateway upgrades, this change has to be done after the appliance has been upgraded successfully.

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