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This article describes the Nexus Push Service API. 

For a complete API documentation is provided as Swagger online documentation included in the Nexus Push Service installation (update <my-nexus-push-server> in the link):

Base URL for NPS rest API:

Authentication to Nexus Push Service API

Authentication to the service is done using an API key passed as a http header.


The API key must have been configured in NPS. The id should be a friendly, unique name for the client and the key is a "password-like" string.
E.g. "mlo580:rBEFIrwQ15z2u32B1jrV0D25m4RUGfNd"

Register command


Register device for push notifications.

To deregister device, an empty register command is used.

Register command attributes

AttributeDescriptionValue examples
appIdentifierThe app bundle identifier so that the correct certificate to the notification service is used."com.nexusgroup.personal.beta"
buildTypeChoice between "PROD" or "DEV" build type, matching the specific configuration, for example to use the correct certificate.

"PROD" or "DEV"

deviceTokenThe unique device token for identification on the platform service.
languageThe notification language of choice, matching the specific configuration."en"
platformPlatform of the device, to connect to the correct notification service for Apple and Android, respectively."APPLE" or "ANDROID"
pushIdsThe unique application id to send notifications to, for Personal Mobile this is the profile ids.

Related information


  • Base URL for Nexus Push Service API:

  • Swagger documentation for Nexus Push Service API (update <my-nexus-push-server> in the link):