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This article describes planned features and improvements in Nexus Personal Desktop.

Latest available release

For news and release notes, see Personal Desktop news

New feature



Committed and in progress

Short term



In definition

Personal X

New agile desktop application based on modern framework and distributed via stores of supported operating systems. Initially limited to Windows 10.

Certificate reminder

Provide certificate expiry reminder.

MacOS support

Support for MacOS app and key chain.

Virtual Smart Card (VSC) & Trusted Platform Module (TPM)

Support Microsoft TPM-based Virtual Smart Card including provisioning.

Common UI 

Make Personal Desktop App the de facto user interface in front of MS Minidriver for VSC/TPM, Nexus Personal Minidriver and 3rd party minidrivers.

Next Generation cards

Support for card profiles, Java cards, and elliptic curve cryptography (ECC).

PKCS#11 Interface for Virtual Smart Card (VSC)

PKCS#11 interface offered as part of the Personal X product to allow third party client access to VSC for signing of authentication requests.

PKI Card Encoding

Encode PKI Cards via Hermod and Personal Desktop App as a replacement to the current Prime implementation which is based on the discontinued Java Webstart.


Plugouts via external PKCS #11 and external minidriver.

Mini driver architecture

Implement Windows Smart Card Minidriver architecture, v5.0.

Develop minidriver component as part of Personal Desktop 5.x which implements a Microsoft smart card minidriver. It is a simpler alternative to a legacy cryptographic service provider (CSP)

Certificate in browser

Enable pushing certificates to the local Windows store of the end user, from Prime via Hermod, on both Windows 7 and Windows 10 platforms.

Windows Login via mobile device

Support different means to perform Windows Login; mobile device over BLE (bluetooth low energy) including proximity, mobile device in online mode and an offline mode for when no online or mobile device is available.

User-centric PIN caching

Provide means for PIN caching in multiple applications, where applicable, during the lifetime of a user session.

Nexus reserves the right to change the roadmap due to recent requests. 


If you want to know more about our roadmaps and plans for the future, do not hesitate to contact us