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Comment: Updated for PRIME 3.8.1 regarding access rights for configuration.

This article describes the initial configuration of Nexus PRIME to  to be done after installation.




Step-by-step instruction

titleLog in to PRIME Designer as admin
  1. Log in to PRIME Designer as a bootstrap administrator, with username admin and password admin.
  2. In Language, select your preferred language.

titleUpload license file

If a license file has not yet been uploaded, you get a message asking you to do so:

  1. Click Choose file.
  2. Browse for the the Designer license license file in <delivery folder>\Server\3-licences\. Click Open to view the license details.
  3. Click Save.

titleOptional: Upload configuration file

If you have a ready, customer-specific configuration file in .zip format, you can now upload it.


New from PRIME 3.8.1: To be able to properly view and upload a configuration file, you must first edit the admin user and make the setting described in step 5 and 6 under heading "Create users for administration". When you have done the setting, log out and log in to PRIME Designer again.

  1. In PRIME Designer, go to the tab Configuration File tab.
  2. Click Upload configuration and then Select file.
  3. Browse for the provided configuration .zip file and then click Open. The configuration is read and checked for syntax. The contents of the configuration are displayed in the popup.
  4. Start the import by clicking Upload. When the upload is completed, close the window with Close.

    The configuration file has now been uploaded.

titleCreate users for administration

To create users with administrative rights, follow the instruction below. Several people can be registered as administrators. It is of course important that passwords are kept secret.


When you create users for administration it is necessary to allow the created administrators to see the Configuration File tab. Otherwise it is not possible for them to upload any configuration. This is covered in the steps below and is new from PRIME 3.8.1.

For each user:

  1. Go to Home > User Administration.
    If you have uploaded a configuration, all the users defined in that configuration are now displayed.
  2. Click +New. Enter a User Name, Password, and Full user name.
  3. Click Save + Edit. A view is displayed, that shows the available roles on the left.
  4. Select Administrator on the left. Click the right arrow button to add the Administrator role to the new user.
  5. Select the Permissions tab and then the General tab.
  6. Check Configuration File. This is necessary to allow the created administrators to upload configurations.
  7. Click Save, and then close the form by clicking the X symbol.

    The new users will now appear in the User Administration panel.

If only one person or a few persons have administrator rights, then absence, a forgotten password or lost login credentials can lead to administrators being locked out. To avoid this, the login name and credential of an emergency administrator can be stored in a secure place to only be accessed through emergency procedures.

The procedures for managing this emergency login should be defined in the IT security policy of your organization. The double verification principle should be applied, so that no single person can log in themselves with the emergency login.

titleDelete bootstrap administrator account
  1. Go to Home > User Administration.
  2. Select the bootstrap administrator, admin.
  3. Click Delete and confirm the deletion with Yes.
    The bootstrap administrator is now deleted, and only the administrators you have created can log in to PRIME Designer. When the configuration has been transferred from PRIME Designer to PRIME Explorer, the same is also the case for PRIME Explorer.

    The customization of the application is now complete and Nexus PRIME is ready for operation.

This article is valid from PRIME 3.8.1.

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