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Allowed domain names for preregistration in Certificate Manager

This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.1 and later.

When creating a pre-registration, you can also define a comma-separated list of domain names for which a client is allowed to request certificates. If the list of domain names in a pre-registration is empty, then all domain names are allowed. Challenge validation must still be completed even if the list of domain names is empty.

Any requested domain name whose suffix matches one of the domain names in the pre-registration is allowed.


These are examples of values for domain names:

Pre-registrationRequested domain nameOutcome
example.comnexusgroup.comNot allowed, nexusgroup.comcm.example.comOK, requested domain name has a suffix allowed by the preregistration, nexusgroup.comnexusgroup.comOK, nexusgroup.comnexusgroup.seNot allowed
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