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Certificate Manager

Smart ID Certificate Manager: Issue, manage, and validate certificate-based electronic identities (eIDs) for people and things. 

Identity Manager

Smart ID Identity Manager: Manage the lifecycle of physical and digital identities with self-service and automation.

Smart ID Agent

Smart ID Agent (DataSyncProxy) in Identity Manager: Access local services from Identity Manager in the cloud.

Smart ID Clients

Smart ID clients: Use mobile and desktop apps for authentication, digital signing and email encryption.

Digital Access

Smart ID Digital Access component: Give users smooth and secure access to digital resources with multifactor authentication and single sign-on. 

Physical Access 

Smart ID Physical Access component: Integrate identity management with physical access control systems. 

Card SDK

Nexus Card SDK: Design, print and encode access cards, smart cards and ID badges.

OCSP Responder

Nexus OCSP Responder: Query for the status of certificates and get up to date information on their revocation status.

Nexus Timestamp Server

Nexus Timestamp Server: Use Nexus Timestamp Server to verify that a digital signature was applied to a message before the corresponding certificate was revoked, and more.

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