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Card Table view - About and settings

After starting the CardDesigner program in Nexus Card SDK, the Card Table view is displayed, listing the current (predefined and/or customized) card types. The Card Table view is used to define new or edit existing card types.

Click Extras > Settings... to open the Settings dialog box. The following settings can be made:

General tab
Font of Input FieldsIf you use a special font in text boxes in a layout, whose characters cannot be displayed by the font used in the dialog input fields, (which applies particularly to Asian fonts), you can change the font of input fields in CardDesigner here.
Multilayer Support

This option allows you to design layouts with special printing methods like UV color printing or laser engraving. In CardDesigner, these printing methods are implemented in the form of layers on which an object is placed. For these printing methods, appropriate printing machines are required.

With this option disabled, the design of cards for common plastic card printers that use direct or retransfer printing methods is supported.

Other tab
Action on Double-Clicking on Card Type

When double-clicking on a card type in Card Table, you will go to the Context Sensitive configuration dialog box or to the card layout design area by default.
If Production View is enabled, however, you will always go to Production View when double-clicking on a card type.

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