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Certificate Manager Web UI

This article describes the Certificate Manager (CM) Web UI. CM Web UI is an easy-to-use user interface where CM officers can issue, view, download, revoke and reinstate certificates.  The CM WEB UI also enables registration of data used for validation and approval of devices during automatic API-based certificate enrollment. A dashboard enables viewing certificate related statistics for a selected Certificate Authority (CA) and time period. The CM Web UI offers a collection of functionality from the Certificate Controller (CC) and Registration Authority (RA) clients in Certificate Manager.

To use Certificate Manager Web UI, you must have:

  • Nexus Personal Desktop Client version 5.9 or later installed
  • A CM Officer Token (P12 or smart card)
  • The PIN for the CM Officer Token
  • A supported web browser:
    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Safari
    • Firefox
  • The CM Web UI URL
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