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Change domain view in Certificate Manager

This article describes how to make a temporary change of an officer's home domain in the Domain hierarchy in Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM). The domains are used in CA administration tasks in Certificate Manager.

This task is done in the Administrator's workbench (AWB).


The following prerequisites apply:

  • An administration officer must sign the request.

  • The officer must have the following role:

    • Use AWB

Step-by-step instruction

Change domain view

  1. In AWB, select View > Change Domain View.

  2. In the Select Domain dialog, select the domain you want to show as the top domain in the explorer bar.

  3. Click OK.

The selected domain will now appear in the top position.

To view the full Domain Hierarchy, repeat the procedure but select Back to home domain.

The domain that is set when an officer is created determines which top level that officer is able to see.

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