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Configuration syntax in Nexus Timestamp Server

This article describes the syntax when configuring Nexus Timestamp Server.

All configuration parameters are in the form: <name>=<value>. The character # first on a line starts a comment.

Group keys into sections

Configuration parameters can be grouped into sections. A prefix in square brackets on a line starts a new section. See this example:

Example: Section grouped with a prefix


Sections are a shorthand of this:

Example: Section without prefix

Include parameters from several files

Configuration parameters can be split into several configuration files using an include statement:

Exampel: 'include' statement

#include ./*

This example will include parameters from all files with file names ending with “”.

Substitute text

Text substitution will be performed on the values defined in the configuration files. The following replacements will be done:

${ConfigurationDir}Path to directory containing the configuration root.
${ConfigDir} Path to directory containing the configuration root.
${config} Path to directory containing the configuration root.
${ServiceDir} Path to the current used service directory.
${service} The name of the current service.
${var}Path to the directory containing the variable data files.
Scramble sensitive parameters

To scramble any configuration parameter in the configuration file:

  1. Add the keyword encrypted as a sub configuration to the configuration.
  2. The next time the application starts it scans the configuration file for unscrambled values in the file and scrambles the value, and saves the updated file to disk.


The parameter *.pin = 1234 is considered to be sensitive and therefore it should be scrambled.

  1. To scramble the parameter, replace the parameter with *.pin.encrypted = 1234.
  2. The server will find the unscrambled value and scramble it.
  3. The resulting configuration file will have the parameter *.pin.encrypted = encrypted:MCa12==

The scrambling will create *.seed files that must not be deleted, or the scrambled value can not be unscrambled.

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