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This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.4 and later.

The file contains the configuration parameters used by the Distribution Point servlet.

Request URL


Paths: The paths specified below are relative to <cm-gateway>



Controls if the Distribution Point servlet should start or not.

start = false
filterContains a filter for the handler part of the URL specified as a regular expression.
formatContains the name of a format definition file.
cxlprocedureThe CM procedure to fetch CRL/CIL files from.
caContains the name of the CA to fetch the certificate from.


Determines the duration that the files should be cached, before retrieval from CF once again. PT0S for no caching. May only be configured for the entire servlet, not on per handler basis. Default value: PT60S

#default.cache = PT60S
cxlfileA relative path to the CRL/CIL file for distribution. The path is relative to <cm-gateway>. Only X509 CRL and CILs are supported.
cafileA relative path to the CA file for distribution. The path is relative to <cm-gateway>. Only X509 CA certificates in DER format are supported.

Define handlers

Get CRL from CRL procedure crl/{crl-name}

Example: handlers for crl/<crl-name>

#handler.0.filter = cxl/Example CA.crl
#handler.0.cxlprocedure = Example CRL Procedure
#handler.0.format = dp_cxl_download

Get CA cert from CM by CA name ca/{ca-name}

Example: handlers for ca/<ca-name>

#handler.1.filter = ca/Example CA Cert = Example CA ID
#handler.1.format = dp_ca_download

Get CRL from file crl/{ca-name}

Example: handlers for crl/<ca-name>

#handler.2.filter = crl/example_root.crl
#handler.2.cxlfile = example_root.crl
#handler.2.format = dp_cxl_download

Get CA from file ca/{ca-name}

Example: handlers for ca/<ca-name>

#handler.3.filter = ca/example_root.cer
#handler.3.cafile = example_root.cer
#handler.3.format = dp_ca_download
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