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Edit photo in Smart ID Self-Service

This article is valid for Smart ID 22.04.2 and later. 

This article describes how to edit your photo in Smart ID Self-Service. 

Step-by-step instruction

Log in to Smart ID Self-Service

  • Log in to Smart ID Self-Service with your user credentials.

Edit photo

  1. In Smart ID Self-Service, click Edit photo. To instead add a new photo, upload (or drag and drop) the photo to the Photo section.

  2. Edit the photo by selecting Crop. The default value is keep aspect ratio, which means that it will force the input image ratio.

  3. You can change the ratio according to your ratios configuration in the pop-up menu. The default ratios are "free", "input" (keep aspect ratio), "16:9": and "3:4".

  4. Click Confirm when you are ready with your changes, or Cancel to dismiss the changes.

See Set properties for Smart ID Self-Service for information about how to change the configuration for image crop and other properties in the CONFIG_JSON file.

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