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Encoding descriptions

There are two important definitions which describe the personalization of the card: The layout for the visible and the encoding description for the machine readable part of the medium.

The layouts are created by the CardDesigner. In most cases, this is done either from scratch or guided and inspired by provided samples, as it may be dictated by your corporate identity.

Creating the encoding descriptions is a more complex topic. Building a layout may be an intuitive matter just like using image drawing software. But creating a definition for encoding rules usually requires profound knowledge of chip encoding technologies.

Encoding rules

SDK offers a wide set of encoding rules for typical and known requirements. After installation, the SDK already offers a collection of encoding descriptions for basic encodings: all magnetic stripe variants and some RFID samples reading the chip UID.

On request, Nexus can provide further encoding descriptions from an existing pool that covers a wide range of requirements.

Customized provisioning and templates

According to your requirements, encoding descriptions are created and customized on request. In many of these cases, templates can be provided. Such templates are prepared for specific purposes, but allowing adaption when bringing them into service.

A typical example:

Very often, access control terminals for time and attendance frequently use RFID chips, carrying the same basic encoding information, only varying in different keys and/or system codes. For such cases, it is possible to provide templates, suitable for all of these access control terminals. In the field, customer specific information is eventually used to complete the encoding description.


In case of frequent need for new or changing encoding descriptions (for example, for Service Providers) tools are provided. This DescriptionBuilder application may be provided on request for selected partners. Supported by a user interface, it allows encoding description design for several chip technologies like Mifare. Using such a tool requires profound knowledge of the according chip technology.

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