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Freja eID in Digital Access

Freja eID is an electronic identity on your mobile device that allows you to log in, sign and approve transactions and agreements with your fingerprint or PIN.

With Freja eID+, you will get an eID officially approved by the Swedish E-identification board with the quality mark Svensk e-legitimation. You can configure Digital Access component to only accept Freja eID+.

Beside the Freja eID authentication, Digital Access support authentication with Freja Organisation eID. This allows users to login to their company without using their personal identity. 

For more information about Freja eID and Freja Organisation eID, go to

With the introduction of Freja eID, Smart ID Digital Access component (Hybrid Access Gateway) now supports three different Swedish eIDs. It supports (Mobilt) BankID and Freja eID over a native interface and AB Svenska Pass over SAML. Freja eID and AB Svenska Pass are approved by the Swedish authority DIGG, Myndigheten för digital förvaltning (previously E‑legitimations­­nämnden) and are therefore compliant with eIDAS.

For more information, see Set up Freja eID authentication in Digital Access

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