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Hybrid Profile in Smart ID Desktop App

This article is valid from Smart ID Desktop App 1.4.

This article describes the concept Hybrid Profile used in Smart ID Desktop App.

There is a quite rare scenario where the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip, which is available on most laptops, does not accept a certain key to be imported via Smart ID Desktop App. In this case, the Hybrid Profile can be used. With the Hybrid Profile concept, one Virtual Smart Card (VSC) can store its associated keys in different storages (for example, TPM or soft key store) under the same VSC.

A scenario when the TPM key import can fail is typically when a recovery or migration of an older certificate is performed to the VSC where the key, for instance, has a public exponent too low for the TPM to accept.

With the Hybrid Profile concept, the process can optionally be allowed to proceed by storing the problematic key or keys in soft key store instead of TPM. Without the Hybrid Profile, the whole process would fail and roll back.

For more information, see API parameters specific to Smart ID Desktop App.

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