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Identities for Plug and Charge/vehicle-to-grid - V2G PKI

Nexus' solution for protecting vehicle-to-grid communication (V2G) with PKI certificates is compliant with the ISO 15118-2/20 standard and used in plug and charge applications. 

Plug & charge use case

The plug & charge functionality has the following goals: 

  • E-roaming: any e-vehicle with a contract from any mobility operator can charge at any charge point

  • Usability: effortless, cashless and transparent payment without the need for RFID or mobile identification

  • Smart tariffs, bill signing: the mobility operator signs bills - with dynamic tariffs - on behalf of the consumer

  • Smart charge control: charging profile can be prepared according to grid status


The goal of V2G PKI is that the following parties can trust each others’ certificates and contracts:

  • Vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) provide IDs for e-vehicles (EVCCs) with plug & charge functionality.

  • Charge point operators (CPO) provide IDs for charge points (SECCs) with plug & charge functionality.

  • Mobility operator (MO) close contracts with consumers and provide signed electronic contracts for the e-vehicle, which are presented to the charge point for charging.

Nexus' solution

Nexus' V2G PKI solution is based on Smart ID Certificate Manager, which has the following features: 

High availability and performance

  • Guaranteed high performance with a proven capacity to issue 10,000 certificates per second

  • Offered as a managed service - with guaranteed SLA and capacity as you grow - or for licensing 

  • High availability, with >99,7% uptime measured on monthly basis

  • Supports monitoring via logs or SNMP, reporting possibilities and regular backups and health checks 


The solution complies with international standards, such as the following:  

  • ISO 15118 for plug & charge, where Nexus were early adopters in close technical cooperation and agile approach together with customers

  • PKI policy and management according to ETSI 319 411-1 “Normalized Certificate Policy”, yearly audit

Proven security

  • Quality-assured, high-security CA software certified in compliance with Common Criteria EAL 4+

  • Nexus has solid PKI expertise since > 20 years and numerous large-scale references 

  • Nexus’ data center and organization comply with ISO 27001

  • Nexus’ organization comply with the VDA ISA requirements in TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange), the information security standard for the automotive industry 

  • Mature, future-safe, highly reliable, continuously tested and maintained software

Scalable platform

  • Highly scalable horizontally by adding service nodes.

  • Multi-CA and multi-tenancy enabled platform helps you adapt the PKI hierarchy, administration and reporting to your needs. 

Ensuring trust in the ISO 15118 Plug and Charge Ecosystem

With a trusted and secure charging ecosystem, the future of electric mobility becomes more promising than ever before.

See our whitepaper to discover how ISO 15118-2 and -20 standards empower secure and seamless transactions in the EV charging ecosystem:

Common Criteria certified PKI platform

Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) and Nexus OCSP Responder have been certified in compliance with Common Criteria EAL4+.

For more information, see Common Criteria certification

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