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Common Criteria certification for Certificate Manager


Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) and Nexus OCSP Responder have been certified in compliance with Common Criteria EAL4+.

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (referred to as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard for computer security certification.

The Common Criteria certification means that these products and their security-related functions have been verified in an independent evaluation and quality control. It is an official proof that the processes to develop and evaluate the products are being conducted in a secure and repeatable manner.

For more information, read the Security Target document for Nexus Certificate Manager 8.0.0 and Nexus OCSP Responder 6.0.2. The document was produced to enable the products to be evaluated against the Common Criteria. More information can be found here (in Swedish only).

Read more about the Common Criteria certification here: Common Criteria organization.

Certified versions

The certified versions are Nexus Certificate Manager 8.0.0 and Nexus OCSP Responder 6.0.2

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