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Identity Manager release note 23.04.3


Version: 23.04.3

Release Date: 2023-06-27


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There is now a connector available to get 2D-Docs type A6 from AriadNext. See Set up AriadNext connector for more information.


In Smart ID Self-Service, the language setting <html lang="xx"> now corresponds to the selected language so that screen readers can read the page in the correct language.


The use of scrollbars in Smart ID Self-Service with tables has been improved to avoid double vertical scrollbars on the main tables.

Corrected bugs 

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When creating a tenant, the system properties were in some cases taken from a tenant that had been selected previously from the Identity Manager Operator login page. This has been fixed.


In Identity Manager Operator, when you have a card job and assign a form to it with only one button, it will automatically launch Smart ID Desktop App. This behavior is now the same as in Smart ID Self Service.


Processes can be configured to be executed when a user logs in with a smartcard, but not when logging in with username/password. In some cases a user could still see the process in the open task list, even when logged in with username/password. This has been fixed.


There was an issue where secret fields entered in forms could not be resolved correctly when the password was created after updating to 23.04.1. This has been fixed.


When working on export definitions in Identity Manager Admin, the Add and Remove buttons were not working. This has been fixed.

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