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Identity Manager release note 23.04.4

Version: 23.04.4

Release Date: 2023-06-30


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Support for Idopte Middleware has been added. See Encoding using Idopte middleware in Identity Manager for more information.


It is now possible to generate certificates including a Kerberos 5 Principal Name. This is configured in the certificate template. See Set up certificate template in Identity Manager and Certificates - Standard service tasks in Identity Manager for more information.


In Smart ID Self-Service, messages informing about success or failure of a process are now recognizable by screen readers.


The docker scripts have been improved. See the "Smart ID deployment configuration release note" in section "Smart ID configuration" below.


Spring-security-core has been updated to version 5.8.3 in Smart ID Self-Service to accommodate the critical CVE-2023-20862.

Corrected bugs 

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There was an issue in Smart ID Self Service where it was possible to alter search data and get data for a different user. This has been fixed.

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