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Identity Manager release note 23.10.5

Release date: 2024-04-08


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It is now possible to delete orphaned keys from a card using encoding label filters. See Certificates and keys in Identity Manager for more information.


Added ECC support for the ADCS Connector. See Integrate Identity Manager with Microsoft ADCS for more information.


The history signature chain validation now logs more information to make the progress visible and give more details.


There are new features in the Execute Search Task. It is now possible to have multiple conditions for the same search field. See Process - Standard service tasks in Identity Manager for more information.


A waiting mechanism has been added before the card encoding starts, to ensure that the card is ready to be encoded. This timeout can be configured. See Configure card printer timeout for more information.


In HTTP clients, it was not possible to add responses of more than 2000 characters to the process map (the general limitation of string fields). A new selector is added where you select the data format for the response to enable handling of larger responses.


When data is changed or created by Scheduled Jobs, it is now indicated by listing the role of the Scheduled Jobs as responsible for the change in the object history.


The mechanism to deal with failed login attempts has been improved. For more information, see Set up authentication profile in Identity Manager.


Collections have been introduced with HTTP clients and you can now bundle different endpoints in one collection. All endpoints in one collection can share authentication, headers, and query-parameters.

For more information, see Set up Http Clients in Identity Manager and Set up process in Identity Manager.


In Identity Manager Admin in the tabs bar, a new icon is added to list the tabs and allow navigation between tabs.


Security fixes for different open source libraries.


Security updates for library h2, see Open source components in Identity Manager.


Security update of the jetty-http library.

Corrected bugs 

Jira ticket number



There was an issue where the history cleaning job would not delete all entries as defined. This has been fixed.


There was an issue in Smart ID Self-Service where a form would freeze when the process got cancelled by, for example, a timeout or another user. This has been fixed.


When sending a SCEP-order request, the IP address wrongly appeared in the extension attributes. This has been fixed.


There was a BouncyCastle exception when trying to execute "pxVscHermodKeyCreationTask". This has been fixed.


When you had numbers as symbolic names and had different translations for them, the translations were displayed where the numbers should have been displayed, for example in the paging index below search results. This has been fixed.


There was an issue when trying to unblock a PIN code with standard card readers using the Idopte middleware. This has been fixed.


Certain exceptions from Idopte Middleware were logged as warnings even though the exceptions were handled properly. This has been solved by changing the log level to DEBUG.


There was an issue where exceptions for card encodings were not logged in some cases.
The following improvements have been made:

  • JPKIEncoder's extended error mode logs exceptions

  • HermodEncodingService.start() logs exceptions in final block of callable

The logging happens at ERROR level with full stack-trace.


There was an issue where processes with number range transactions could block the database. This has been fixed. See Upgrade Smart ID Identity Manager from 23.10.3 to 23.10.5 for more information.

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