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Issue server certificate in PKCS#10 format

Using the Nexus Smart ID module Digital ID, a server certificate can be issued via a signing request in PKCS#10 format and with or without approval step.

Standard workflow

1Server certificate registration officer

In Identity Manager, selects Request P10 certificate.

Uploads a certificate signing request in PKCS#10 format. Verifies the PKCS#10 attributes.


2Identity ManagerChecks if there are already installed certificates on the server. If there are, the old certificates are locked. -
3Server certificate approverApproves the certificate request. No approval step.
4Identity ManagerRequests a certificate based on the PKCS#10 request.-
5CAIssues a server certificate. -
6Identity ManagerStores the certificate details and distributes the certificate by email or for download, depending on the server configuration in Identity Manager. -

Server certificate registration officer

Downloads the certificate from Identity Manager or receives it in an email. Installs the certificate on the server.

Confirms in Identity Manager that the certificate installation was successful.

8Server responsiblesGets an email notification.-

Technical reference

Request P10 certificate with approval
ScmProcIssueServerCertP10 (see image)
Request P10 certificate without approval
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