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Issue temporary card - Physical ID

When a person has forgotten their card, a temporary card can be issued. 

Standard workflow

ActorActionOptionPhysical ID

Asks for a temporary card.



2Registration officerIn Identity Manager: Browses for the person, selects Issue temporary card with a default validity of one day.-


3Identity ManagerDeactivates permanent card.-


4Identity Manager

Sends card information to the PACS. The permanent card is set to inactive in the PACS.

5CADeactivates certificates.-
6Card production administrator

Puts a temporary card in the card reader and assigns it to the person.



7Identity Manager

Sets the temporary card state to Active.



Technical references

The Physical access processes are modified and overwrites the corresponding Digital ID process.  

OptionPhysical IDDigital ID & Physical access
Issue temporary cardCCProcEmployeeTemporaryCard

PcmProcEmployeeTemporaryCard (see image)

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