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Licensing for Nexus Card SDK

This article describes licensing for Nexus Card SDKand how to import and install the license file for Nexus Card SDK.

After the installation of Nexus Card SDK, the system always runs in demo mode. It is only after installing the license file and plugging in the dongle that the system will be licensed in accordance with the information contained in the license file. 

Any changes to the product options will always result in a new license file. This license file will be created by Nexus and sent to the customer/partner. It is also possible that the license file is "generated" and downloaded by the customer/partner themselves via the "Nexus License Server". To do this, a prior "License Registration“ with Nexus is required.

After the installation of the new license file, the license options it contains are licensed. The existing license options will be overwritten.

Licensing mechanism

The licensing mechanism of Nexus Card SDK includes 2 components:

  • Copy protection component (System ID)
    The system ID is one of these two:
    • Dongle: Stick from WIBU Systems that is connected to an USB port; it contains a unique system ID or
    • Computer-bound system ID: It is calculated after installation of the client component on the target computer.


  • License file
    • Contains a reference to the copy protection component (that is, to the dongle ID). This license file contains information on what modules, quantity structures, etc. have been licensed for the current installation. The license file is an XML file with a specific structure, which is validated through an integrity checksum (so-called "signature value").

A license file is necessary, regardless of whether dongle-based licensing or computer-bound licensing via a system ID is used.

If both a dongle ID and computer-bound system ID are found, then the dongle ID is used. The only difference between them is that the dongle ID is transferable, that is, the license file in combination with the dongle can be transferred to another PC.

License files for Nexus Card SDK 5.2 can also be used for older versions up to and including IDExpert® SDK 3.0, if dongle ID-based licensing is/was used. If you use a system ID-based licensing for Nexus Card SDK 5.2, you will not be able to use the license file for older IDExpert® SDK versions.

Example of license file

A license file is necessary, regardless of whether dongle-based licensing or computer-bound licensing via a system ID is used. The proper license file is an (editable) XML file whose structure is the same for both dongle-based and computer-bound licensing. The only difference is that a license file for computer-bound licensing has an additional system ID entry.

Example, license file for dongle ID

Example, license file for system ID

Import the license file

Before importing the license file for Card SDK, make sure that the following things apply:

  • You have a valid license file or
  • Your dealer has confirmed your order so that you can download a valid license file

Do the following:

  1. Open Configuration Manager.
  2. Click Licensing > License.
  3. If you already have a license file, click Select License File... or else click the link in the pop-up window to obtain a license file.
  4. The license file selected here will be immediately verified as to whether it matches the dongle-ID or the system ID.

  5. If you receive an error message this can be caused by a number of reasons, for example:
  • The license file does not match the dongle ID
  • The license file does not match the system ID
  • The license file does not match the product
  • The license file has a missing or invalid signature (integrity checksum)
  • The license file has expired
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