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Nexus Global Key Format (GKF)

Nexus Global Key Format (GKF) is the name of a DESFire specification, specifically developed to help standardize and simplify your DESFire handling. The purpose of the global key format is to have a standardized format to enable functionality towards most of the physical access market.

A DESFire specification is the foundation on how to format the data on a DESFire chip and it differs from MIFARE Classic. For example, a Classic chip comes with defined sections whilst the DESFire chip is more flexible.

The setup of the DESFire encoding can be modified and there are a lot of requirements to consider regarding the DESFire specification. Nexus GKF fulfill these requirements without additional modification. Additional modification can be done if needed, to suit your specific needs. Nexus provides support if you want to modify the folder structure (the applications and files), the file size, and the file content. A GKF specification example can be supplied upon request

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