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Nexus GO Cards

Secure identity card management in the cloud

Nexus GO Cards is a flexible and secure solution that lets your organization choose how to order cards and accessories. Whether you are using our smooth and easy online portal or integrating an existing system, ordering, tracking, and reporting have never been more convenient. 

Nexus GO Cards is hosted and built on Microsoft Azureā„¢, and it takes advantage of their proven technologies for high level security, speed and productivity.

Flexible card management portal

Through the Nexus GO Cards service, you order your customized access cards, photo ID cards, and key fobs in the Nexus GO Cards management portal. Cards and key fobs are delivered correctly coded and in line with the security levels which apply in your organization. 

The card ordering and management process is straightforward and easy to use. User information is passed or manually uploaded to Nexus GO Cards and a secure card is produced. The Nexus GO Cards management portal includes functionalities for identity verification and image capturing.

Once all pre-determined requirements are met and approvals are given, cards can either be printed locally or at one of our secure personalization centers. 

  • The standard functions in the portal are ordering cards and accessories and administer orders and users. 

  • As additional functions you can have self-service possibilities, use instant issuing for local printing, create reports and much more.

Add mobile visual ID as a complement to your card

Extend your physical access card or your corporate photo ID card with a virtual and visual mobile card. A mobile visual ID acts as a visual duplicate of your physical card. The visual representation of the card is hosted in a wallet-like app on your smartphone and the view of the card is protected by a PIN or by biometrics. The card can be used to visually identify yourself, to show that you have the right certificates to perform specific work, display a QR-code, or show that you have a valid membership. Read more here: Mobile visual ID as complement to access card.

Easy integration

You can integrate an HR system, IDM system, or access control system with the Nexus GO Cards management portal through a REST API. Read more here: Card ordering API.

You can also use existing information contained in the organization's Azure AD to order and produce cards. The advantage of this integration is that the collection of personal data is automated.

Nexus GO Cards workflow



Card management portal

The card management portal is the center of the GO Cards workflow. It is easy to use and you can additionally include self-service possibilities photo capturing.


The approver of a new card uses the portal for administration.


With the Nexus Card ordering API, you can build in card ordering functions into your own application. Read more here: Card ordering API.

Personalization center

Once all pre-determined requirements are met and approvals are given, cards are printed at one of Nexus secure personalization centers. As an additional function, cards can also be printed locally.

For more information about the portal, see Nexus GO Cards management portal.


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