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Physical ID specification

This article provides detailed information about the Nexus Smart ID solution Physical ID

Configuration files

Configuration fileCorresponding use cases
Smart_ID_Base_<date>.zipIdentity management
Smart_ID_Physical_ID_<date>.zipCard management - Physical ID
Smart_ID_Physical_ID_VisitorManagement_<date>.zipVisitor management



Basic branding is included in the Physical ID module, by displaying the customer logotype in Identity Manager and Smart ID Self-Service.

Email templates

Nexus provides basic templates for the email notifications included in the common use cases, for example when a card has been activated or is about to expire.

During the implementation project, Nexus consultants or partners adapt the email templates for the customer needs. When the Physical ID module is up and running, email templates can be updated by Identity Manager administrators.

For more information, see Set up email template in Identity Manager.

The following email templates are included: 

  • Activate employee card
  • Deactivate employee card
  • Employee card expires
  • Employee card has been locked
  • Produce employee card
  • Send certificate reminder
  • Send P12 to employee

The following standard reports are included in the Smart ID solution: 

  • All employee cards
  • All external cards
  • All system users with connected roles
  • Locked cards with reason for locking
  • All active Personal Mobile users
  • All users that have Personal Mobile enabled but have not yet activated it

The reports are created using searches in Identity Manager. 

Language support

Supported languages are listed in IDM 23.10.3 - Requirements and interoperability.

Workflow options

Additional workflows

Additional workflows that are included in the price for the Smart ID solution:

  • PACS-adapted workflows, depending on what PACS system is used
  • More workflows for handling photos, for example upload the photo to AD
  • Workflows to manage additional certificates on card for IT administrators
  • Workflows to register and issue local SITHS cards (Swedish: tjänstekort)
  • Smart ID Self-Service workflows, see separate section above
  • Export card number to AD for using other applications, such as canteen, follow-me print, library
  • Signature pad workflows. The workflows are included in the solution, but the signature pad is an add-on.

These additional workflows must be specified during the implementation project, and will be implemented by Nexus consultants or partners.

Options in standard workflows

These choices are available in the standard workflows:

  • PIN letter or email for distributing PIN codes
  • Approval step in card production or not
  • Self-service tasks available for users, if Smart ID Self-Service is used
  • Manual or automatic workflow to inactivate or reactivate persons
  • Automatically activate and deactivate cards for activated and inactivated persons
  • Automatically produce cards for new employees
  • Automatically renew cards for active persons
  • Let person sign on a signature pad when picking up a card, if the signature pad add-on is used.

These options must be specified during the implementation project, and will be implemented by Nexus consultants or partners.

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