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PKI for vehicle ID

Nexus' PKI platform can issue certificate-based vehicle IDs to identify the vehicle over its lifetime. Vehicle IDs can be issued to any vehicles, such as cars, trucks and electric bikes, and typically includes the vehicle identification number (VIN). 

A vehicle ID can be issued in different formats, most often X509 certificates, but also IEEE 1609.2. 

Use cases

Vehicle IDs can be used for example for the following purposes: 

  • identify the vehicle throughout its lifecycle, for example in repair shops 

  • upgrade software or firmware in the control units of the car 

  • ensure secure communication in telematic applications, such as vehicle tracking and fleet management

  • securely manage or replace car keys, for example if they are lost or broken

  • as a prerequisite for V2X certificate enrollment. See also Identities for vehicle-to-everything - V2X PKI

Nexus' solution 

Nexus' Vehicle ID solution is based on Smart ID Certificate Manager.

For more information, see the following links: 

Common Criteria certified PKI platform

Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) and Nexus OCSP Responder have been certified in compliance with Common Criteria EAL4+.

For more information, see Common Criteria certification

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