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Policies used in Nexus Timestamp Server

This article describes how to configure a policy in a timestamp service in Nexus Timestamp Server.

A policy defines rules to select how to process the timestamp request.

A policy is the concept used for mapping timestamp requests to filter chains. Mapping is the task of matching request parameters (real or derived) with attributes of the policy. The policy mapper can match any parameter in the context using regular expressions.

Configure policies
  1. Open the configuration file.
  2. Set the applicable parameters, described in this table:

    Name of parameterDescription
    nameA unique name of a policy.
    match.typeHas to be Create Timestamp.
    chainA unique name of a filter chain.
Example: Policy for a timestamp service

Policies shall be written in sections and there is only one policy needed for a timestamp service as defined below:

Example: Policy for a timestamp service

match.type=Create Timestamp
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