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Release note Digital Access component 6.0.3

Version: 6.0.3

Release Date: 2020-12-07


Smart ID Digital Access component 6.0.3 has been released today.

This version is included in the release of Smart ID 20.11. For more information, refer to Release note Smart ID 20.11.

Detailed feature list


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Updated help text

Updated text to "Smart ID Digital Access" in the Digital Access Admin interface and in the help pages.


Added support for SMB v2.0 and v2.1

The Common Internet File System (CIFS) version used by Digital Access is now updated to a later version. Prerequisite for customers is to upgrade the SMB version to v2.0 or v2.1 as v1.0 won't be supported after this.


Improvements in Docker configuration

Several improvements in the Docker configuration of Smart ID have been implemented in this release. Most requested feature was splitting up the compose files for the different services. The Identity Manager but also the Digital Access dockers have now separate configurations so that it is easier to deploy the solution distributed over multiple servers. 

See Deploy Smart ID and Smart ID 20.11 deployment configuration release note.

Corrected bugs

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Smart ID 20.11 now supports PostgreSQL databases version 11 and 12 in all components.

DA-6Corrected the MariaDB configuration string.

Added the extended attribute "Radius Status server supported" to the general Radius authentication method.

If the value is set to false, it means that the configured Radius server does not support "Status message packet", so that the policy service will not send any Server-Status check to the Radius server.


Allow the user to login even if the 'Allow user not listed in any User Storage' is set to true and the user attribute property is set. This is resolved for Swedish Bank ID, Nexus GO, Open ID and Freja ID authentication methods.


Fixed an issue where Smart ID Mobile App profile was not activated for a user after Self provisioning flow.
The profile shall be created in the self service even if the Personal authentication method is not enabled for a user, and the user should not be able to login using that authentication method.


Fixed the display of message on the forgot password page to show Swedish characters.


Removed the duplicate entries appearing in the Database dropdown after saving the Database Service settings.


Fixed the output of well known config API to work with Google where Digital Access acts as the Identity Provider.


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