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Release note Digital Access component 6.2.0

Version: 6.2.0

Release Date: 2022-04-07


Smart ID Digital Access component 6.2.0 has been released today.

Detailed feature list


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Added feature to be able to change and reset the OpenLDAP password for a user. This will work if the 'Active Directory Change password' is enabled in the license along with the 'Password Reset' feature. The user can now change or reset their OpenLDAP password if the feature is enabled.

The system property 'com.portwise.authentication.openldap.dn' is added in customize.conf with a default value of 'dc'. Change the value if required, based on your domain component.

DA-750Added support of animated QR codes for BankID v5.1. Digital Access 6.2.0 or above implements BankID API v5.1 and will not support BankID v5.0 APIs after upgrading to any version above 6.2.0. See Swedish national eID - BankID and Mobile BankID for more information.

Corrected bugs

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Removed the "Download as pdf" option in Reports to remove iText vulnerable version dependency.


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