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Release note Digital Access component 6.2.4

Version: 6.2.4

Release Date: 2022-10-03

Upgrade docker

Upgrade docker to a version >= 20.10.10 before you upgrade Digital Access to this or higher versions, since docker <= 20.10.9 has compatibility issues with used the OpenJDK version.

Minor improvements

Jira ticket noDescription

Added certificate filtering in case of Smart ID mobile and desktop authentication. For more details related to the filter and the extended property, see Certificate filtering for Smart ID authentication.


Upgraded Tomcat version to v9.0.65


Added ability to pass the certificate attributes in the SAML response back to the service provider when Digital Access acts as Identity Provider (IDP) in case of Personal Desktop and Personal mobile authentication. 


Added a field for SAML SLO URL in the admin UI when a Service Provider (SP) is configured manually with Digital Access acting as IDP. 


Add one more encoding method for SP while sending the Subject parameter - Url Safe Base 64. This will url safe base 64 encode the subject in the SAML response.

Corrected bugs 

Jira ticket no



Fixed the js warning in the built-in script GenericForm.html.


Fixed the issue with the need to have the password authentication mechanism enabled for delegated user-storage users in admin.


Memory handling changed when doing a publish in Administration Service, reducing required memory and improving the performance.


Fixed a null pointer exception when updating Authentication Servers for the Personal Mobile/Personal Desktop authentication mechanism. 


[Nexus GO] Digital Access Policy Service REST endpoint: rest/v1.0/saml/authnrequest handled requests very slowly and caused a high CPU usage. This is fixed by reading from the cache instead of the xml.


Fixed a null pointer exception when doing SAML authentication in Digital Access 6.1.4


Upgrading Digital Access from 6.0.5 to higher versions updates the Internal host values to names instead of IP, which should not be the case for deployments other than Swarm.


Fixed an error causing Policy Service to crash, instead of crashing, Policy Service will now log a warning message indicating there is an invalid expression that needs to be amended via Administration Service UI.


In case of Digital Access upgrade from 6.1.3 to 6.2.0, the BankID version was not getting updated to v5.1. This has been fixed. 


Fixed an issue with OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint where the service incorrectly removed the end-user session after completion.


Fixed the issue where the OCSP server was not getting contacted in case of personal mobile/desktop authentication.

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