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Release note Digital Access component 6.3.1

Version: 6.3.1

Release Date: 2023-03-31

Upgrade docker

Upgrade docker to a version >= 20.10.10 before you upgrade Digital Access to this or higher versions, since docker <= 20.10.9 has compatibility issues with used the OpenJDK version.

Minor improvements

Jira ticket noDescription

It is now possible to also configure hostname in the Access point session mirroring listener apart from the IP address. This helps fixing session mirroring in the swarm High Availability (HA) setup. 

DA-977Upgraded support to Guacamole 1.5. For more information on how to install and configure Guacamole in Digital Access, see Set up access to Apache Guacamole in Digital Access component.

Corrected bugs 

Jira ticket no



Digital Access is now able to return the Freja eID attributes Name and Surname along with the BASIC_USER_INFO. 


Reduced the docker image sizes for all services except access-point.


There was an issue where using a real SSL certificate threw an error in the distribution service since it was not able to decrypt the certificate. This has now been fixed by adding the Bouncy castle library to the distribution service container.


If a user existed in a nested group (group within group), and the parent group was added as delegated administrator, the user was not able to login as a delegated administrator. This has now been fixed.


There was an issue where clicking 'View certificate details' in Server certificate made the Publish button blue even if no changes were made. This has now been fixed.


For security reasons, client certificate authentication via XPI is no longer allowed. Contact Nexus support if you need to use this function.

DA-1209Renamed 'Database Service' under Manage System to 'User Database'.
DA-1221Clicking 'Generate alternate hosts' In Manage Resource Access > Web Resources without selecting 'Specify alternative hosts' first, caused the Add Web Resource Host Wizard to fail with a fatal exception. This has now been fixed.

Contact information

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