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Release note Digital Access component 6.3.4

Version: 6.3.4

Release Date: 2023-07-21

Important update

This release is a "Technology Preview feature" release which means this is not suitable for deployment in production. This is open for customers/partners who may want to test this in a non-production environment and provide feedback.

Upgrade docker

Upgrade docker to a version >= 20.10.10 before you upgrade Digital Access to this or higher versions, since docker <= 20.10.9 has compatibility issues with used the OpenJDK version.

Minor improvements

Jira ticket noDescription
DA-1201Added the capability to sign SAML responses using keys secured by an HSM. The signing has previously only been done using soft keys stored in the configuration. The option to sign using soft keys will still be available. (Tested with Utimaco simulator). See Configure Digital Access with Utimaco HSM for information about how to configure Digital Access with the Utimaco simulator.

Contact information

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