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Release note Hermod 3.1.1

Version: 3.1.1

Release Date: 2021-05-19


The Smart ID Messaging component Hermod 3.1.1 has been released. 

Important note


From version 3.0, Hermod has been updated to use Spring Boot 2.x and Java 11. The deployment and configuration is NOT backward compatible, but the functionality is. Many configuration properties have been renamed or changed and manual update of the Hermod configuration file IS REQUIRED. For more information, see Upgrade Hermod from 2.x to 3.x

A new database table must be created if you are upgrading from an earlier version, see the last sections of Upgrade Hermod.

If you are updating Hermod from version < 2.4.1 and are using Microsoft SQL Server you must alter the aliases table. There were also new indexes added in version 2.5.1. For more information, see the last sections of Upgrade Hermod.

Detailed feature list


JIRA ticket noDescription
PMOB-2813Support for JWS encoded data in visual data has been added.
PMOB-2887Only ONLINE protection is now valid for visual data backside. LOCAL and NONE have been removed.

Redesign of logic for checking life signs and making sure that scheduled jobs are distributed between all running instances and handled in a good way.

IMPORTANT - A new database table must be created if you are upgrading from an earlier version!

PMOB-2989Added support for setting a default visual data card in the configuration by adding content-provider-default-card to the client-id specific settings or by using the HermodCfg server.
PMOB-3026Added support for CSRs used by Smart ID Desktop App.
PMOB-3032Hermod is now using docker base image with Java 11.0.11.


Contact Information

For information regarding support, training and other services in your area, please visit our website at


Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Smart ID components to customers and partners. For more information, please refer to the Nexus Technical Support at, or contact your local sales representative.

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