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Release notes Nexus Card SDK 5.8

Version: 5.8

Release Date: 2020-11-30


Nexus Card SDK 5.8 has been released today.

Main new features

Improved resolution of web cams

In this release of Card SDK the implementation of the Web Cam interface (WDM) has be revised to improve resolution and overall quality of the photos. Now, with Card SDK 5.8 users can also capture images in high resolution (according to the capabilities of the web cam that is used) via the WDM interface.

Better management of encoding applications on DESFire chip

Some extensions for Mifare DESFire have been implemented for better management of encoded applications: It is now possible to read out the list of existing applications on a DESFire chip and selectively delete one or more of these applications.

Detailed feature list


JIRA ticket no



Improved robustness of ID Service for Windows feature update

In previous releases, most Windows feature updates caused that the Card SDK ID Service was down and a manual restart was required. With this Card SDK release the ID Service is more robust for Windows feature updates.


Improved logging

The Card SDK version is now written to the logfile.


Improved logging

Removed misleading warning about JPEG 2000 image support from logfile.


Improved resolution of web cams

Web cam integration has been revised and upgraded in Card SDK 5.8. Web cams (connected via WDM interface) now support high resolution (in the past web cams where limited to 640x480).


REINER SCT reader model cyberJack® RFID basis is supported

Support for REINER SCT reader model cyberJack® RFID basis has been implemented for DESFire EV1/EV2 encodings.


Updated IFReader library

Support for the latest version of Interflex DESFire reader library.


Reading Application List

Card SDK can now read out which applications that are encoded on a DESFire EV1/ EV2 chip. Card SDK will return a comma separated list of AIDs.


Delete DESFire Applications

Card SDK now allows to delete one or more application from a chip, selected by the corresponding AIDs.

Due to the architecture of DESFire, the application will be removed but the memory still remains allocated.

Corrected bugs


Contact information and support

For information regarding support, training, and other services in your area, visit Nexus offers maintenance and support services for Nexus Card SDK to customers and partners.

For more information, go to Nexus Technical Support or contact your local sales representative.

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