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Replace all software tokens

If a person's laptop is lost or stolen, or the software tokens have been compromised, then all active software tokens can be replaced.

Standard workflow

1Software token user

In Smart ID Self-Service: Clicks on Replace softtoken. In the displayed form, clicks Confirm.

2Identity ManagerRevokes all valid software tokens. Displays a form with an option to recover encryption certificate software tokens.-
3Software token user

Optional: Clicks Search and selects one or more encryption certificate software tokens to be recovered.


Recovers any selected encryption certificates and issues new certificates for all other software tokens.

5Identity Manager

Generates and displays passphrases for the certificates in Open Tasks, and shows the software token in Certificates.

6Software token userFor each software token, receives an email with the certificate attached in a PKCS#12 container and instructions on how to install the certificate locally.-

Technical references

  • PstmProcReplaceSofttokenUSSP


  • PstmSubProcReplaceSofttokenUSSP
  • PstmProcSubStartSoftwareTokenRequest
  • PstmProcSubRequestSoftwareToken
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