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Replace virtual smart card

If a person's laptop is lost, stolen, broken, or replaced, then the virtual smart card must be replaced.

Standard workflow

1Virtual smart card userIn Smart ID Self-Service: Clicks on the active virtual smart card. Clicks Possible actions and selects Replace Virtual Smart Card.-
2Identity ManagerRevokes all valid certificates and sets the virtual smart card to the status Replaced.-
3CARecovers encryption certificates and issues new certificates for the virtual smart card.-
4Smart ID Desktop AppStarts and activates a new smart card profile.-
5Virtual smart card userIn Smart ID Desktop App: Enters a PIN. Confirms PIN entry.-
6Smart ID Desktop AppCreates key pairs on the trusted platform module (TPM).-
7CAIssues certificates. The certificates are stored in Identity Manager and on the TPM.-
8Virtual smart card userIn Smart ID Desktop App: Confirms the new certificates.-
9Identity ManagerIn Smart ID Self-Service: Displays the new virtual smart card in the Cards tab and the new certificates in the Certificates tab.-

Technical reference

  • PcmProcReplaceVSC


  • PcmSubProcCreationOfVSC
  • PcmProcLockCertificates
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