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Request or issue software token

Standard workflow

1Software token administrator

In Identity Manager: Navigates to the SEARCH tab, selects Employee, and clicks Search. In the result list, selects an Active person. Clicks Enable to enroll for Software token.

In the displayed form, checks at least one type of software token to be requested. Clicks Next.

Person selects

Request softtoken in Smart ID Self-Service.

2Approver-Approves the software token request.
3Identity ManagerCreates a request, assigns the role Self-Service User to the person, and sends an information mail to the person.Sends an information mail to the person.
4Software token userReceives an email with instructions to go to Smart ID Self-Service. Enters the portal and selects Open Tasks. Accepts Terms and Conditions.-
5CAIssues one or more certificates for each selected type of software token.-
6Identity Manager

Generates and displays passphrases for the certificates in Open Tasks, and shows the software token in Certificates.

7Software token userFor each software token, receives an email with the software token certificate attached in a PKCS#12 container and instructions on how to install the certificate locally.

Technical references

Request Software token - for Software token administrator

PstmProcRequestInitialSoftwareToken (see image)


  • PstmProcProceedSoftwareTokenRequest
  • PstmProcSubStartSoftwareTokenRequest
  • PstmProcSubRequestSoftwareToken
Request Software token - for Software token user



  • PstmProcProceedSoftwareTokenRequest
  • PstmProcSubStartSoftwareTokenRequest
  • PstmProcSubRequestSoftwareToken
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