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Uninstall Nexus Timestamp Server on Linux

This article includes updates for Nexus Timestamp Server 2.3.0.

This article describes how to uninstall Nexus Timestamp Server on Linux.


  • A root user, or the use of sudo, is needed for uninstallation.

  • If a GUI is not available, the -console parameter is required. To uninstall timestamp server on linux without a GUI, use the following command:

    > sudo java -jar uninstaller.jar -console

  • Files inside the log and server configuration folders located in /var/log/timestamp-server and /etc/timestamp-server will not be removed.

Uninstall Nexus Timestamp Server on Linux

  1. Stop the timestamp-server service before proceeding with the uninstallation, see Start and stop Nexus Timestamp Server.

  2. Go to <install> and then to the directory uninstaller.

  3. Start a terminal window.

  4. Write sudo java -jar uninstaller.jar and click uninstall.

  5. After the uninstallation is completed, click Quit.

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