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Configure Authenticode Timestamp

The Nexus Timestamp Server (starting version 2.3.0) supports time stamping Microsoft Authenticode signatures. The distribution contains a sample Authenticode time stamp service, located in the <conf>/services/authenticodesample directory.

An Authenticode signature time stamping service is configured with the following steps:

  1. Add Authenticode Policies configuration. For more information, see Authenticode policy configuration.

  2. Add Authenticode Chain configuration. For more information, see Authenticode chain configuration.

  3. Add AcTimestampTokenFilter configuration in For more information, see AcTimestampTokenFilter.


Here is an example of triggering Authenticode signature time stamping request using PowerShell cmdlet Set-AuthenticodeSignature:

Set-AuthenticodeSignature -FilePath "<directory-of-the-to-be-signed-file>" -Certificate "<path_to_signer.p12>" -HashAlgorithm <SHA256> -TimeStampServer "http://<timestamp-server>:<port>/"

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