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Configure SNMP Monitor system in Certificate Manager

The Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) monitor is an option within Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM) that is selectable at installation of the CM server and contains the Management Information Base (MIB) and the SNMP Agent. 

The SNMP monitor filters the notifications from the Certificate Issuing System (CIS) and the Certificate Factory (CF). The notifications are then logged in the appropriate table of the MIB. The SNMP Agent is the interface between the SNMP management system and the MIB.

See the Technical Description for more information.

The SNMP is controlled by parameters in snmp.conf and

  1. To activate SNMP monitoring for the CIS and the CF, set the parameter *.agent.connectToSupervisor = true in cis.conf and cm.conf.
  2. Define the MIB:
    1. The file <configuration_root>/config/CM-MIB.txt contains a MIB that defines the interface to the SNMP agent.
    2. Follow the instructions for your SNMP management program to install and use this file.
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