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Create request for cross SA certificate in Certificate Manager

This article is added for CM 8.10. 

This article describes how to create a request for a cross certificate to send to an external Signing Authority (SA) outside Smart ID Certificate Manager (CM).

This task is done in the Administrator's workbench (AWB).


The SA tasks require a specific license option.

The following task requires MSO signatures to be completed.

Both officers must have the following roles:

  • Use AWB

  • Signing Authority and SA Key tasks

A connection to the CM host must have been established. See Connect to a Certificate Manager host.

Create request for cross SA certificate

  1. In AWB, select the CA/SA to be used as a basis for the cross certification, by highlighting it in the explorer bar.

  2. Select Cross > Export Request and select the required file format, Binary or Base64, from the sub menu. Use Base64 if the request is to be sent to the external CA/SA by email.

  3. In Select File for writing Request, enter the name of the file to be used for the request and select its required location.

  4. Click Save. The Signature dialog box appears. See Sign tasks in Certificate Manager for more information.

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