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Customize format in AWB

This article is valid for Certificate Manager 8.4 and later.

The AWB enables customizing of format definition fields in certificate, key, CRL and CIL procedures. Read more, for example, here: Policy tasks in Certificate Manager, where this is used in various instructions. 

Once a format has been selected, you can customize the set of format definition fields and modules.

  1. At Format, click Advanced.

    1. A pop-up window will appear containing all fields and modules from the selected format file.

      • The modules are shown in the top section with their indexes in the right column (the indexes determine the execution order of the modules).

      • The format definition fields are shown in the bottom section with the values of the parameters in the right column. You can edit the values for the definition fields parameters and store them for this particular procedure.

        Here is an example with the certificate format rfc5280.

  2. To add new format definition fields or modules click Add Parameter or Add Module. For added fields and modules (that are not present in the format file) you can edit values in the left column and also remove the row with Remove Parameter or Remove Module.

The new values will take precedence over the values in the format file, but the format file will not be affected by these changes.

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